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Yoghurt Drink E-Liquid Review

Yoghurt lovers know that there are many different tastes to yoghurts. Plain yogurts can derive from cows, goats, ewes, or buffalo’s milk. There are also flavored yoghurts. Yoghurts, generally, have a nice, unique, taste definition. You will also find yoghurts in the vaping world. One of the best is Yoghurt Drink by Thirsty Juice. Thirsty Juice manufactures beverage e-liquids. They’re one of of the best Malaysian manufacturers. Its products are of high-quality and in demand worldwide. Yorghurt Drink is one of its best e-juice deals for taste, quality and price.

Best Yoghurt Flavor

Defining the taste of plain yoghurt is difficult because each type has its own unique particularities. Yoghurt Drink by Thirsty Juice, nevertheless, captures the smooth creamy that is the main characteristic of all yoghurt. There is a lightweight, milky flavor that invades the taste buds. It is very refreshing as you inhale. When you exhale, you will delight with the creamy and cool taste that lingers in your mouth. On a scale of one to ten, you definitely will give the flavor a ten.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG)

Yoghurt drink has a VG/PG level of 70/30. The ratio is perfect for vaping and dripping because it has a medium level thickness to it. Vapers will appreciate the mild throat hit. When you inhale, the sensation is quite pleasant. There is also abundant cloud production when you exhale.

The Bottle and Nicotine Levels

The Thirsty Juice bottle, distinguished by the company’s trademark signature of its name labelled accross its surface, is made of plastic. The bottle has a childproof safety cap. Thirsty Juice has chosen the color pink for its Yoghurt Drink ejuice. Its iconic trademark is of pink color for Yoghurt Drink. The e-liquid has a nice, sweet smell of fresh yoghurt when you sniff the bottle. The bottle contains 50 ml of ejuice. There are two options nicotine available. You have choices of 0mg or 3mg. The low nicotine level is great for the novice who want to experience vaping, and for more experienced vapers who appreciate mild throat hits.

The Price

When you combine the flavor, the cloud production and the price, you have one of the best e-juice deals on the market. Thirsty Juice is known for its high-quality products at very affordable prices. For only $9.99 USD, you can enjoy one of the best yoghurt vape juices on the market. The price of $9.99 USD is a fantastic price for premium quality ejuice, especially, when a bottle contains 50 ml of e-liquid. Thirsty Juice beverage e-liquids are manufactured to the highest standard. They use natural ingredients to make some of the best e-juice beverages you will ever vape.


If you have not yet discovered this e-liquid, it should be on your list for vape juices to try 2018. You will spend the year relishing the flavor with each puff. You will find plenty of yoghurt vape juices on the market, yet Yoghurt Drink by Thirsty Juice comes in at the top of the list. It simply has a great taste. You can vape this all day and still want more

Some other brands add the flavoring of various fruits, but Thirsty Juice has decided to provide the natural taste of yoghurt. This is pure yoghurt with no fruit flavoring.  You will actually savor every puff. If you like yoghurt, you will love Yoghurt Drink, the milk taste, the cream, and generally the good taste of natural plain yoghurt.

Yoghurt Juice is one of the best yoghurt vape juice because of its popularity in the vaping community. It has received lots of positive reviews. When you consider that plain yoghurts can be sweet, a bit sour, or smooth and milky, obtaining the right mix that satisfies most yoghurt lovers is a great accomplishment.

Thirsty Juice takes great care in making its e-liquids. It is a well-established company in the industry. Vapers expect the best quality for each of its products. Reviews on other websites indicate the popularity of Thirsty Juice and particularly Yoghurt Drink. Find out more about one of the best ejuice beverage. Once you start vaping Yoghurt Drink, it will become a favorite. You will desire that creamy yoghurt taste for a very long time.