Vaping Review

Vape Pod Vs. Vape Cartridge: Which is Better?

You must first understand your expectations before deciding between a vape pod and a cartridge. These are usually centered on the following:

  • What you plan to vape
  • Whether you want a universal product or a unique design
  • How much discretion you want

Those looking for a sleek but dedicated design should opt for vape pods. They are not universal products, which means that once you start, you are usually stuck with a single brand, but they are also less recognizable.

Vape cartridges typically have the same 501 threads, which means they can be used with a variety of devices. This allows you to easily switch between brands and gives you a wider selection of juices to choose from.

While the universal design is a strong selling point, vape cartridges are frequently misidentified as cannabis cartridges, which can cause problems when traveling or even walking down the street. Your vape pen may be confiscated, or you may be required to leave it behind.

Vape Pod vs. Cartridge: What’s the Difference?

The primary distinction between vape pods and cartridges is their appearance.

On the inside, they’re essentially the same product. Both contain oil as well as an atomizer with heated coils to burn the oil. They are available in similar varieties but pods frequently limit you to a single brand or design.

While both are convenient options for your vaping experience, some people prefer a pod system to a vape cart due to the differences in appearance and reputation.


Vape Pod

A vape pod contains oil, a ceramic heating element, and a combustion core to ensure proper vaporization. You must have a compatible device to use the pod, and most pods and devices are mutually exclusive. Some popular vape pod systems include:

  • Aaokvape A63 Prefilled Vape Pod System
  • Vaporesso (Luxe X and Zero 2)
  • Argus P1
  • Caliburn A3
  • Voopoo Vinci
  • DotPod Nano

Most are sleek and flat, similar to a flash drive, but there are several variations to consider. Brands concentrate on creating a recognizable system; some people prefer vape pods for this reason alone.

Aside from that, some users claim that pods use advanced airflow technology, but this isn’t always true. This is more dependent on individual design than on pods as a whole.

Because vape pods are not uniform in appearance, they may be more discrete. They’re more stylish than some cartridge rigs, and it’s easier to tell what kind of oil is in the pod.


The majority of vape cartridges resemble a glass cylinder. The 501 threading on the bottom refers to the length of the connector and the number of threads used to connect to the battery.

They are all filled with 1 to 2 ml of oil, and any properly threaded cartridge can be used with a cart vape. This allows many manufacturers and formulas to enter the market, but it also means they may be mistaken for cannabis oil or THC.

It’s difficult to tell the difference between cartridge flavors and compositions, and carrying cart vapes out in public may cause problems with law enforcement or security. Vape cartridge wholesale is also available for purchase on Aaokvape online platform.