The Easy Way To Make Vape Juice
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An Easy Way to Make Vape Juice

DIY vaping has become the order of the day. If you are not vaping your own homemade e-juice, you may not have an idea of the things you are missing out on. One of the most important requirements of vaping is a good e-juice. Really, learning how to make vape juice yourself is not as complicated or dangerous as you may think.

To start with, you probably have come across the scary names of some of the ingredients used in vape juice and thought to yourself that it was not possible to work with those chemicals on your own. Well, homemade e-juice easy to make, it is also cheaper than store-bought e-juice.

This guide will show you an easy way to make vape juice. In actual sense, every way is actually the easy way. So, we will start with the supplies and ingredients you will need.

DIY Vape Juice Supplies

Before you dive into DIY vaping, there are a few supplies you will need. The start-up cost for DIY vaping is the only drawback, and it’s really not so much.

  • Storage Bottles: Plastic e-juice bottles are not just cheap but also efficient for use and storage. As a plus, you can re-use your empty e-juice bottles. Just make sure you have a label on every bottle you will be using so you are not confused about what is what.
  • Syringes/Scales: Depending on the method you will be using when mixing your vape juice, you can use syringes, scales or both. They will help you take accurate measurements of all the ingredients you will be adding in the mixture.
  • E-juice Calculator: You can also use numerous online calculators. This will help you to measure the ingredients you will be using in your e-juice.
  • Gloves: You are going to be working with chemicals so it is always advisable to wear safety gloves. Get a pack of latex or rubber gloves.

Mixing DIY Vape Juice

You can either mix vape juice by weight or volume. The choice depends on you.

  • Mixing by Weight: If you choose to mix your vape juice by weight, each of the ingredients you will be working with will be measured in gram. Hence you need a scale.
  • Mixing by Volume: If you choose to mix your vape juice by volume, each of the ingredients you will be working with will be measured in ml. Hence you need syringes.

The Easy Way To Make Vape Juice 

If you can follow a cooking recipe, you can make your own vape juice. Its that simple. Give this a try with nine easy steps:

  1. Visit an online DIY vape store to get the supplies you need.
  2. Get at least 100ml of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG).
  3. Get top-quality vape juice flavor concentrates from brands like Flavorah.
  4. Once you have everything ready, you need to clean out your work table and put on your safety gear.
  5. Use either the syringe or scales to begin measuring each of the ingredients according to your results from your e-juice calculator.
  6. Begin by filling the bottle with the flavoring and nicotine.
  7. Fil up the e-juice bottle with PG and then VG.
  8. Shake the bottle vigorously and set it aside to let it settle.
  9. Taste your vape juice. Adjust the flavors if necessary. Just keep in mind that some e-juice recipes are best after they have been steeped.

Making premium DIY e-juice takes some practice. Start with simple recipes and in no time, you will be mixing vape juice like a pro.