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Summer Skittles Candy E-Juice by Flavor Fog Review

Flavor Fog created four different e-liquids, one for each season of the year. The summer season is flamboyant with outdoor activities. It’s a warm and lively season. Flavor Fog created an e-liquid which bears the name of the season, Summer, and offers the fantastic flavors of Skittles candy.
Flavor Fog, is an American e-juice manufacturer based in Southern California. For the other remaining seasons of the year, the company created e-liquids that also bear the name of the season, hence; Winter gives vapers the fantastic flavors of a lemon cake, Spring brings strawberry crumbles, and Autumn adds a touch of Cavendish tobacco.
If you’ve ever tasted Skittles candy, they have a burst of fruity flavors. You will find that Summer offers a nice mixture of fruits. The skittles candy vape juice captures the pleasant atmosphere of jubilance and fun that characterizes the summer season.

On a hot summer day, you can enjoy vaping Flavor Fog’s Summer skittles candy flavored e-juice. It will make you feel enthused about all the activities going on. You will feel energized by the burst of flavors. It’s delightful, thrilling, and sensational. It gives vapers a fantastic experience. You can vape all day and still desire more. It’s a great vape juice to indulge in on a hot summer day.

A Fantastic Flavor
Summer is among the top e-liquids of 2017. The skittles candy flavored e-juice is a mash-up of different fruit. Your mouth gets filled with hints of mango, pineapples, strawberries, melon, kiwi, banana and other fruits. The candies give a tangy outpour of flavors to the taste buds. Just like the hot days of the summer season, the skittles candy flavors provide a thrilling and exhilarating sensation. Summer is for those who like fruit-flavored e-liquids. You have the tastes of many different fruits all at once melting in your mouth for a fantastic vaping experience.

Nicotine Strength
Summer is available with different levels of nicotine. You have a choice between 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Some vapers like to enjoy the outburst of flavors without any nicotine while other seek a small throat hit sensation. The lowest level for a throat hit is 3 mg. With 6 mg you still obtain a smooth throat hit since that level is also a low nicotine strength level.

You will like the patterns on Flavor Fog boxes. The back box looks quite sleek and minimalist. You will find the logo and brand name as well as the mandatory notification regarding products containing nicotine.
The CRC Chubby Gorilla bottle has a capacity of 60 ml. It’s pen shape facilitate dripping. There is also a childproof safety cap. The plastic bottle has a minimalist design pattern and the same information as on the box.

Summer is a premium-quality vape juice offered at a fantastic price. For $20.00, you will enjoy some of the best e-liquid on the market. The company, Flavor Fog, is one of the best in the United States and offers high-quality products at very competitive prices. You will also find information on Flavor Fog products and their excellent prices at My E-liquid.
For vapers seeking fantastic e-juice at great prices, Flavor Fog will offer you value for money. It’s not often that you find a 60 ml bottle for $20 on the market.

With Summer e-liquid, Flavor Fog offer vapers a fantastic vaping experience. Skittles candy captures perfectly the essence of the summer season. You will enjoy the e-juice during the hot summer days. The flavor is exhilarating. You can vape all day and still desire more.
Flavor Fog has a team that takes all the time necessary to create some of the best e-juice on the market. The company uses only natural ingredients domestically sourced in the United States and the latest technology and brewing methods. Flavor Fog places emphasis on satisfying the change tastes of customers and keeps in mind each customer.
If you’re a vaper seeking to have a nice vaping experience during the summer season, Flavor Fog has the perfect e-liquid. Summer skittles candy offers a variety of fruit flavors to enjoy. Just as the name suggests, it’s conceived for the summer season. It brings the enthusiasm of the summer season into vaping.