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Strawberry Kiwi by Bulk E-Juice Review

Strawberry and kiwi e-liquids are plenty on the market. One of the recent strawberry and kiwi e-liquids that have impressed me recently is Strawberry Kiwi by Bulk E-Juice. This is an excellent vape juice with a taste like no other.

The combination of strawberry and kiwi flavor in this vape juice was done masterfully. You can tell that this Bulk E-Juice e-liquid is of premium quality from the moment that you taste it. The two flavors complement each other to give you a well-rounded flavor. There is no weird aftertaste from this vape juice.

The strawberry flavor gives Strawberry Kiwi by Bulk E-Juice a sweet and slightly sour taste. The kiwi flavor adds a citrus-like flavor to the mix. This e-liquid has a nice sweetness to it that is not too intense. Strawberry Kiwi has an appealing taste that vapers who love fruity e-liquids would appreciate. This e-liquid will leave a lasting impression on you. Strawberry Kiwi is an enjoyable all day vape.

Strawberry Kiwi by Bulk E-Juice has a delicious taste that would remind you of the last time you had some a strawberry smoothie. The flavor of this vape juice is smooth and consistent. Strawberry Kiwi is a perfect e-liquid for the summer season. The natural goodness of this vape juice would keep you revitalized throughout the day – especially when the weather gets hot. This Bulk E-Juice blend has to be one of the best strawberry and kiwi vapes that you will find on the market today.

Strawberry Kiwi by Bulk E-Juice is made with both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). The e-juice is made available with different VG/PG levels. You can opt for either 50/50, MAX VG, 20/80, 30/70. 40/60, 60/40 or 70/30. Regardless of your preferred VG/PG ratio, Bulk E-Juice has got you covered. You can choose to vape Strawberry Kiwi using either a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) or with a sub ohm tank.

Strawberry Kiwi by Bulk E-Juice produces clouds of vapor that are full of flavor. The cloud production of Strawberry Kiwi this e-liquid is quite good. The size of the clouds that you will get from this vape liquid depends on the nicotine strength level that you select. The MAX VG version of Strawberry Kiwi e-liquid produces enormous clouds of vapor that fills the air. The vapor production of this e-liquid would thrill most cloud chasers.

Strawberry Kiwi e-juice is made with high-quality nicotine. This e-liquid comes with different nicotine strength levels. This premium vape juice comes with 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg or 24mg of nicotine. This e-liquid has a smooth throat hit that complements its refreshing taste. You do not get any harshness from vaping this e-liquid.

Strawberry Kiwi e-liquid is manufactured in the United States by Florida-based Bulk E-Juice. This vape juice maker was created by vapers who sought to formulate high-quality e-liquids that they can enjoy. Bulk E-Juice provides premium e-liquids at affordable prices. All the e-liquid from Bulk E-Juice are made with the finest ingredients. Bulk E-Juice sells its e-liquids in bulk at low prices. You do not have to break the bank to enjoy a high-quality e-juice when you buy from this company.

Strawberry Kiwi by Bulk E-Juice comes in different bottle sizes. You can buy a 10ml bottle of Strawberry Kiwi e-juice from the Bulk E-Juice online shop for only $3.99. A 30ml is sold for $7.75. A 120ml (4 OZ) bottle is selling for around $25. A 240ml (8 OZ) bottle is going for $50, while a 500ml (16 OZ) bottle is going for $100.

Bulk E-Juice offers excellent customer service. You do not have to wait forever for your bottle of e-juice to when you buy from Bulk E-Juice. The company provides fast shipping.