Some Mistakes to Avoid When DIY E-JUICE Vaping

When it comes to vape, I am usually the last to tell you not to do it because when it’s done properly, vaping is a beautiful experience: all the joys of a sweet treat without calories, the nicotine hit without cancer, the companionship of people who are no longer exposed to second-hand smoke. These and many more are some of the reasons why vaping is nice and endless.

However, with the recent outbreak of vaping related diseases in the US-the cause being children vaping unknown substances-we figured it might be a good idea to put together a list of things to be avoided while vaping. So, without telling someone to vape wrongly, here are some things to avoid while vaping.

Never guess your proportions

Although making your liquids allows you the freedom to experiment, there are still standard proportions from which you should not go away to make a Home made vape juice. A common beginner error, for example, is going overboard with the flavors. Also if a flavor is delicious, adding so much of it will kill the balance and potentially make it so strong that it is just not going to be good. There is a method for making vape liquid that requires different component proportions. Luckily you can find online calculators that will help you get your proportions to where they need to be.

Avoid diketone

Diketone is an ingredient that is used to give a creamy and buttery flavor in food products. The regulations forbid the use of the ingredient in food items, and generally, foods are tested to determine that this is not an ingredient. But this is not mandatory for e-liquids and other inhalation products. Also, most manufacturers may not reveal details on the use of diketones in their products. That is why when selecting your e-liquid items you should be extremely careful.

Don’t overdo nicotine

If you have never previously overdone nicotine, then count yourself lucky. Nicotine poisoning is worse than the worst hangover ever. It’s not anything of which to be proud. If you are wagging into the sub-ohm environment for the very first time, my advice is to proceed with caution. Take your short fill e-liquids, and add them to the minimum nicotine level. You can gradually increase the nicotine level to what you think you like. More can always be added. What you can’t do is take it away once the liquids are blended.

Avoid taking a dry hit.

When was the last time you had a dry hit? If you have never experienced that before then you are fortunate.  A dry impact is a burnt cloud moving straight into the lungs. What is the cause? Not priming the coil before vaping. In case you changed out your old hardware for replacement parts, remember to drip a little e juice on the coil before you put your tank back together. And then let the system sit for a few minutes to ensure the coil is properly saturated.

Pick e-liquids which do not contain harmful ingredients. Via online reviews, you can recognize some of the qualified producers who make e-juice with healthy ingredients. Flavorah is an example of ejuice manufacturers with healthy ingredients.