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Salted Caramel E-Juice by Redback Vapery Review

If you love dessert e-liquids, Salted Caramel by Redback Vapery is a must try. I highly recommend this e-juice. It is one of the best-salted caramel e-juice flavor currently on the market. It is irresistibly good. This is the kind of e-liquid that you just can’t get enough of. You can easily become hooked on it if you have a thing for salted caramel.

Redback Vapery’s Salted Caramel e-juice is great as a recreational vape or anytime you want to satisfy your cravings with something delicious.

Flavor Description

This is a sweet and savory e-juice. Vaping it with an RDA at 80 watts and 0.25 ohms, you get a well-rounded salted caramel flavor on the inhale and exhale. This is a fantastic e-liquid with a rich and sweet flavor. It is somewhat creamy. The salt adds a savory dimension to the taste. It can be compared to a butterscotch caramel.

The flavor of Salted Caramel by Redback Vapery is quite sharp. You can taste the caramel and the creamy undertone. It makes the flavor a little milky. The salt gives a nice balance to the sweetness of the blend. Redback Vapery’s Salted Caramel e-juice is very affordable.

VG/PG Ratio

The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of Salted Caramel is a 70/30. The cloud production is exactly what you would expect from a 70vg e-liquid. The cloud spread nicely and linger for a few seconds in the air.

I found the taste just perfect and did not need to steep it. You can choose to steep the e-liquid if you are not satisfied with how it tastes.

Nicotine Strength

The kind of throat hit that you get from vaping any e-juice depends on the nicotine strength level that you select. Salted Caramel by Redback Vapery is very smooth on the throat. You will not get any throat issues from vaping this e-liquid. The nicotine buzz does not overpower the flavor of this e-juice.

If you are not satisfied with the throat hit that you get from this e-juice, you can mix it with nicotine shots.


All Redback Vapery e-liquids come in 30-ml plastic bottles with a child-resistant cap. There is a label on the e-liquid with the Redback Vapery logo and other information about the e-juice.


If you want the best prices for Choc  Mint, redbackvapery.com.au is the best place to shop. For only $13.20, you can get a 30-ml bottle of Salted Caramel e-liquid. The price is a fantastic price for premium-quality vape juice. Redback Vapery offers the opportunity to make some savings when you purchase more than one bottle of e-liquid from this company. If you purchase 3 or more bottles you only pay $11.55 for each bottle, and if you purchase 5 or more bottles you pay only $9.90 for each bottle.

You will find many other opportunities to make some savings when you buy from Redback Vapery. The company provides excellent customer service and very quick delivery of orders.


If you like dessert e-liquids, then try this one from Redback Vapery. Salted Caramel is a very delicious e-juice that you can relish anytime you desire something sweet to vape. Redback Vapery currently has five different dessert-flavored e-liquids on the market namely Custardtopia, Choc Mint, Orange Cream, Wonderland, and Salted Caramel. Each one gives a unique vaping experience.

Redback Vapery is an e-juice company based in Sydney, Australia. The company creates premium-quality vape juices after a long period of testing and experimentation. All Redback Vapery e-liquids are made using the finest ingredients. You will not pick up any artificial flavor when vaping Choc Mint.

You will relish every puff of Salted Caramel. This vape juice will leave you craving for more.