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RY4 E-Liquid by Dominant Vapor Review

The RY4 e-juice flavor goes back to the roots of the vaping industry. This is one of the earliest e-liquids on the market, and it is a classic. Many companies have their version of the RY4. This e-liquid is a blend of tobacco, caramel, and vanilla flavor. Dominant Vapor’s RY4 e-liquid has a nice mild tobacco flavor and a creamy sweet finish. The caramel flavor reminds of butterscotch. The different ingredients in this e-juice come together magically. The tobacco flavor is the most noticeable, and it mixes perfectly with hints of caramel in the background. The vanilla cream adds a lot of texture to this vape juice. The e-liquid is not too sweet. The flavor is rich and spot-on.

Dominant Vapor offers different customizable options for its e-liquids. The company has an ordering guide on its site that including a flavor meter, throat hit intensity meter, and coil friendliness meter.  

This e-juice is great for people who are switching from smoking tobacco to vaping. It gives you the same familiar tobacco taste that you will love.


E-liquids with a high vegetable glycerin ratio are known for their fantastic cloud production. MAX VG e-liquids are used for cloud competitions. You can choose your preferred VG/PG ratio when buying Dominant Vapor RY4 e-juice. The options are:

  • 30% VG (This is perfect for vaping with a cartomizer. The e-juice is not thick)
  • 50% VG (This is great for 1.0+ ohm vaping. There is a nice balance of cloud production and flavor)
  • 60% VG (If you’re sub-ohm vaping this is a great choice depending on the type of device you have)
  • 70% VG (This is also for sub-ohm vaping. Cloud chasers will love this e-liquid)
  • MAX VG (This is perfect for vaping with a dripper. It will give you massive clouds of vapor)

Regardless of the VG/PG ratio that you choose, the flavor is excellent. Cereal Killer by Dominant Vapor is a satisfying vape. Although this is a MAX VG e-liquid, you can still taste the flavor.

Nicotine Strength

Dominant Vapor produces its e-liquids with different nicotine strength levels.

  • 0 mg/ ml e-juice without nicotine. It’s a good choice for flavor chasers. It’s also great for novice vapers.
  • 1 mg/ml, 2 mg/ml, 3 mg/ml and 6mg/ml will give you a mild throat hit.
  • 9 mg/ml and 12 mg/ml will give you a mellow throat hit.
  • 18 mg/ml is for those who want a strong throat hit.

Packaging and Pricing

The packaging design of Dominant Vapor varies greatly depending on the type of bottle and bottle size that you want. You’ll find many Dominant Vapor offers great opportunities. The options for RY4 rare:

  • 30 ml plastic dropper bottle for only $6.99
  • 30 ml plastic unicorn bottle for only $6.99
  • 30 ml glass dropper bottle for only $7.29
  • 60 ml (two 30 ml plastic droppers) only $11.99
  • 120 ml glass dropper for only $13.99
  • 120 ml with 30 ml for only $13.99
  • 240 ml (two 120 ml) with 30 ml for only $24.99


Dominant Vapor seeks to provide customer satisfaction for all its clients. The limited satisfaction guarantee allows you to obtain a replacement bottle if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with any e-liquid that you buy from this company. The new bottle can be shipped along with your next order.

There are certain guidelines for the limited satisfaction guarantee offer. Check out the Dominant Vapor site for more information about this.