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Pros and Cons of Sub Ohm Vaping

Some people find sub ohm vaping fun and exciting. But others find it overwhelming especially those who are new to vaping. Let’s look at the pros and cons of sub ohm vaping to help you decide if this is for you or not.

Pros of Sub Ohm Vaping

Huge clouds of vapor.

This is the biggest advantage of sub ohm vaping. If you want to take your vaping experience to the next level, sub ohm vaping is surely the way to go. It will give you huge clouds of vapor. If you a cloud chaser, then this is for you. It will give you enormous clouds with every puff.

More intense flavor.

If the airflow holes on your tank are wide, the flavor intensity will reduce to a certain degree. But even if you do direct hits, sub ohm vaping still allows you to enjoy the flavor of your e-juice. The reason is that sub ohm coils have the ability to vaporize plenty of e-liquids at one time. This means you’ll get more hits bursting with flavor from every puff.

More satisfaction.

Sub ohm vaping allows you to get stronger hits and more nicotine. It is recommended that you use an e-liquid with a low nicotine strength level because you will end up getting more nicotine into your body with every puff.

Warm vapor.

If you prefer warm vapor, then sub ohm vaping is definitely for you. When using high-wattage and low-ohm coils, the vapor that comes out of your device is a bit warmer.

Cons of Sub Ohm Vaping

Not for new vapers.

This is mainly because beginners usually find too much vapor to be overwhelming.

More expensive.

Sub ohm vaping kits are a bit more expensive than simple pod devices.

Consumes more e-liquid.

Sub ohm tanks consume more e-liquid because higher wattage translates to more e-juice being vaporized with each puff. This means it is going to cost you a bit more in the long run.

Coils burn faster.

Sub ohm coils burn at a faster rate. You will end up replacing your coils sooner than expected.

No mouth-to-lung experiences.

Sub ohm vaping is not an ideal choice for vapers who are fond of mouth-to-lung hits. Sub ohm vaping is best for people who prefer direct lung inhale.

Final Thoughts

For a safer sub ohm vaping experience, check your batteries and other components for any damages. Visit for more information about sub ohm vaping and to buy some of the best sub ohm tanks on the market.