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One Shot Good Lordy! Ejuice Review

Craving for your favorite French toast with maple syrup for breakfast? You don’t have to wait for mornings as this flavor is just a vape away with One Shot Good Lordy! ejuice. Check out my review about this vape liquid below.

French toast is a pretty simple meal that has been existing for centuries. In fact, its recipe  appeared in recipe books as early as the 4th century.  Making French toasts can be no-sweat and fun though. Just beat some eggs then pour a little milk. If you want to put more flavors to it, you can drizzle some vanilla or cinnamon. Then soak slices of bread into the mixture and fry them up. After which, sprinkle some powdered sugar, slather some butter, and put some syrup or fruit. And that’s how quick you can make your French toast!

But as adults, we most of the times find ourselves skipping breakfast. We usually end up grabbing what we can see just to fill our stomachs but not satisfy our cravings. Thankfully, One Shot Good Lordy! ejuice is good at dealing with your French toast cravings.

“One Shot Good Lordy! eJuice is a golden brown French toast with a drizzle of rich warm maple syrup. French toast doesn’t just have to be for breakfast anymore. Enjoy this delicious flavor all day, all day, all day!”

One Shot Good Lordy! has a delicious sophisticated flavor. While the taste is more on the maple syrup, its sweetness is not as overwhelming as you think. Going in, you can taste something nutty and sweet. And then, on the way out, some hints of cinnamon start to appear. So far, I have not tasted something as close to a real French toast than this. It has a legit French toast taste but added with some extra flavors to make it a little complex yet interesting and unique.

The instant you open the chubby gorilla bottle, the scent really similar to that of a French toast immediately floats in the air. You can smell some butter melting and mixed with some warm maple syrup. This definitely reminds me of my childhood Sunday mornings when I am always awaken by the smell of mom’s French toast or pancakes.

When it comes to vapor and cloud production, One Shot Good Lordy! is no slouch. This breakfast-inspired treat can produce lots of vapor. The throat hit is mild too, just enough to let you know it’s there. As for the clouds, they are nice and huge. They can last for quite a while too so you can pretty much enjoy the scent of French toast more. I vaped this for one straight week, and boy, I did not even get the slightest hint of flavor fatigue. Without a doubt, you will really enjoy this flavor until its last drop.

There are three nicotine options available for this ejuice. It is available in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. The 0 mg is usually used by those who are practicing their vaping skills. It is also utilized by those who just want to get the feel of smoking or have quit nicotine but has some oral fixation to satisfy. The 3 mg gives you a nicotine kick with full-bodied flavor. And the 6 mg has the strongest nicotine hit for this ejuice but still has full flavor.

If you are not in a rush, One Shot Good Lordy! is best vaped with a cup of coffee (this is for coffee addicts out there). You can grab your own 120 mL bottle of One Shot Good Lordy! for as low as $17.99 only at Ultimate Vape Deals. Other websites sell this for up to 30 bucks.

Overall, I am definitely recommending this blend. It has a spot-on delicious taste that will make you crave for more. Cloud and vapor production are pretty excellent, and yes, I can vape this all day long. Price-wise, this is worth every penny spent. And in terms of packaging, it flaunts a simple yet straightforward one.

One Shot has a wide selection of affordable flavors to offer. I am quite picky when it comes to my ejuices, but after reading this review about One Shot Pineapple Express ejuice from vapermakerz, I know this brand is a must try. All flavors are named interestingly. There’s Maui-Wowie, Push Papi, All Access Pixie, Green Monster, Front Porch, Wild Wild West, to name a few.