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Nasty Wicked Haze 6mg Review

Nasty Wicked Haze is the epitome of new-age lemonade flavors that push the boundaries. Expertly combining your classic lemon rind lemonade with blackcurrants turns this into something extraordinary. Tangy, dark and purply blackcurrants have their seeds removed, leaving only their juicy pulp that is full of flavor. The pulp is then macerated and strained, leaving only the essence of blackcurrants that is utilized in this flavor blend. Choosing blackcurrants to enhance the taste of their signature lemonade recipe was a stroke of genius because it adds a 3 dimensional element of sweet, tangy and lemonade vibes to this mix. The fourth dimension then comes in the form of Nasty’s signature soda pop recipe blend that makes this vape juice fizzle and pop on the inhale. Featuring a low mint cooling note, the exhale experience is wondrous and propels this seemingly normal looking vape juice into the stratosphere. It is no wonder that Nasty has received numerous accolades for their endeavors in the world of fruity based flavors. 

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