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Nasty Salt Slow Blow Nicotine Salt Review

Nasty Salt Slow Blow Nicotine Salt fuses the taste of canned pineapple rings with the tanginess of lime zest to deliver an acidic, sweet-sour vaping experience that will blow your mind. Never before have we had our minds blown with the perfect combination of tropical fruits. With crystal clear glacial flavors, the taste of pineapples in Nasty Juice Slow Blow deserves praise and regard. The pineapple flavor inhales very well with the weightless vibe that makes it gratifying and pleasurable in every puff. The citrusy lime zest flavor is also lightweight on the tongue but highly aromatic and magnificent. The combination of flavors crystallizes into one unified tropical sensation that is bound to make you feel relaxed as you wonder how a nicotine salt could taste this good. The vivid and natural flavors are also combined with a hint of Nasty’s signature bubbly and fizzy soda recipe to make this nicotine salt even more appetizing and zesty. It puts the exclamation mark and stamp of approval to define this juice and separate it from the rest. There is a very subtle, almost undetectable menthol note in this blend that makes it even more likable.

Nasty Juice is a titan of the global vape industry and hails from Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, a province of about 1 million people. Nasty Juice specializes in making exceptional fruit-flavored vape juices and have a reputation of delivering only the highest quality. Rigorous research and development, testing, and sampling separate them from the rest and it shows in the quality of their ejuices. They have a disciplined line-up of flavors and takes precautions when releasing new products. Such dedication can be evidenced by them winning countless awards including 1st place for Best Fruity Flavor by Vapouround Awards 2018 in the United Kingdom. Attractive and tasteful, Nasty continues to innovate in the vaping industry while pleasing thousands of vaping palettes in 72 countries.

Nasty Salt Slow Blow Nicotine Salt is made with the highest USP Grade blend of 50% Propylene Glycol (PG) and 50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG). You can purchase Nasty Salt Slow Blow Nicotine Salt in a 30ml bottle in either 35mg or 50mg nicotine strength for USD14.85 from the Punk Juice Vape Store. Based in Malaysia, Punk Juice Vape Store stocks a wide variety of Malaysian made ejuices. They ship to the USA with a 7-day delivery policy using express shipping. Their stock of ejuice brands is carefully selected and tested so that vapers get only the best vape juices from Malaysia.