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Midnight Decadence E-Liquid by Kind Juice Review

Midnight Decadence is a great vape juice by Kind Juice. Midnight Decadence is a dark chocolate and mint e-liquid. The two flavors of Midnight Decadence are blended excellently. You can taste the richness of the chocolate and mint flavors with every puff you take of Midnight Decadence. The overall taste of this e-liquid is balanced and not overwhelming. This premium e-juice has an organic taste that sets it apart from other e-liquids on the market. Vapers who enjoy chocolate will appreciate the spot-on taste of the chocolate flavor in Midnight Decadence. The mint flavor in this e-liquid has the smooth coolness that is characteristic of menthol. If you are looking for an all-round great tasting e-liquid that you can vape all day long, then Midnight Decadence is just what you need.

Midnight Decadence e-juice has a smooth and sweet taste. This e-liquid has a delicate taste that fills the mouth instantly. The flavors of the mint and chocolate stay deliciously consistent throughout the inhale and exhale of Midnight Decadence. The chocolate flavor in this e-juice has a sweet taste while the menthol flavor has a cooling effect. Midnight Decadence is one of those e-liquids that makes for a fun vaping experience. The aftertaste of this e-liquid is strong and lasts long.

Midnight Decadence is manufactured with high-quality organic ingredients. This is a MAX VG e-liquid so it has a thick and smooth texture. The e-liquid works well with most types of tanks. Midnight Decadence has an awesome cloud producing ability like most MAX VG e-liquids. Vapers who enjoy blowing huge clouds of vapor with every puff will enjoy vaping Midnight Decadence.

Midnight Decadence e-juice comes with different nicotine strength levels. You can get a bottle of this e-juice with either 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg of nicotine. This e-liquid has a smooth and mellow throat hit. It is highly unlikely that you will get any throat discomfort from vaping this premium vape juice. Midnight Decadence is produced with high-quality nicotine. The versions of this e-liquid with high nicotine strength levels are ideal for those vapers who enjoy large doses of nicotine. However, the version of Midnight Decadence with 0mg, 1.5mg, and 6mg of nicotine are ideal for vapers who are not into consuming large qualities of nicotine.

Midnight Decadence e-juice is manufactured in the United States by Kind Juice. This Miami, Florida-based vape juice company is well known in the vaping industry for creating the first 100 percent natural vape juice. Kind Juice uses only the finest natural ingredients in the production of all its e-liquids. This e-juice company creates e-liquids that are ideal for vegans and people who appreciate organic products. All ingredients Kind Juice uses in the production of its e-liquids are Allergen, Gluten, Cruelty, GMO, Dairy-free. The natural flavors in Kind Juice e-liquids do not also contain sugar. Kind Juice extracts its natural flavors without the use of harsh chemical solvents. Instead, the company uses only organic ethyl alcohol which is gotten from sugar cane and RO (Reverse Osmosis) water. This company has three main e-liquid lines currently on the market; Nectar, Tobacco Ridge, and Element. Midnight Decadence is a part of the Kind Juice Nectar e-liquid line. Other popular flavors in the Nectar e-liquid lines are Lord Of The Truffle, Pirate’s Gold, Once In A Blue Moon, Ring On Fire, Teacher’s Pet, In The Raw, Granny Tart Smith, The Lazy Iguana, and Key West Sunset.

Midnight Decadence e-liquid by Kind Juice comes in different bottle sizes. You can get either a 15ml of a 30ml bottle of this e-liquid. The glass bottle of Midnight Decadence has a striking design that is hard to miss. This bottle comes with a dropper tip. There is a white label on the bottle of Midnight Decadence. The name of this e-liquid and its manufacturer is featured on the label. You will also find other important information concerning this product on the label.

You can buy a bottle of Midnight Decadence e-liquid from the Kind Juice official website. A 15 bottle of this e-juice costs $13.99, while the 30ml bottle is selling for $24.99 at kindjuice.com. You can also find other top-selling e-liquids at the Kind Juice store.