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Mad Hatter 120 Cream Pop E-Juice Review

Mad Hatter has one of the most delicious collections of e-liquids I’ve seen anywhere on the market. If you’re into fruity, candy or dessert vapes, they are absolutely the way to go. I usually lean towards fruity flavored e-liquids and with Mad Hatters 120 Cream Pop you can’t go wrong. Vaping on this delicious vape juice is like eating a real orange vanilla cream pop. It’s so good you’ll never want to put it down. If you’re not careful, this e-juice may become your next all day vape. I recommend this vape juice for vapers looking for dessert-like orange e-liquids. Smokly carries lots of e-liquids from around the world. The website sorts its e-liquids under five categories to make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for. The five categories are dessert, fruity, menthol, tobacco, and milky flavors. Head on over to Smokly and check out one of the best premium vape juice collections the vaping industry has to offer.

You can purchase 120 Cream Pop and other Mad Hatter e-liquids on the Smokly website. A 120ml bottle of 120 Cream Pop is selling for only $26.90. This vape juice is so good and for this price, it’s quite the steal. If you like good deals and hate breaking the bank to find the best premium e-liquids, head on over to Smokly to start saving money and get cheap vape juice. They also sell products in bulk. You can get your e-juice, mods, RDA, and other vaping gear all in one place at great prices.

120 Cream Pop’s flavor is delicious. Vaping this e-liquid leaves me feeling a bit nostalgic for my younger days when I was constantly eating ice cream. Orange and other citrus flavors can be quite strong and overwhelming. With this vape juice that’s not a problem. The orange sherbet flavor is subtle and balances well with the vanilla ice cream flavor. On the inhale, vanilla ice cream seems to be the most dominant. While you can still taste the orange sherbet, it’s more of a light, subtle background flavor. However, when you exhale the roles seems to switch and the orange flavor takes over and the vanilla ice cream flavor carries the e-juice from the back. These flavors complement each other well to create the perfect creamy and refreshing vape that will tantalize your taste buds with every puff. This vape juice has no weird aftertaste making it too easy to chain vape all day long.

Choosing an appropriate nicotine strength is one of the key requirements for an enjoyable vaping experience. So, when ordering your e-liquid be sure to pick the right nicotine level. Otherwise, you could potentially ruin your vaping experience. You can get 120 Cream Pop with either 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine. In its 3mg nicotine form, this vape juice has just the right amount of throat hit. It did not irritate my throat in any way.

PG (propylene glycol) is a tasteless and clear substance, mostly known for its ability to provide a throat hit. Higher PG levels allow stronger flavor while generating a lower cloud production. VG (vegetable glycerin) provides a sweet taste and is comparably thicker than PG. Having a higher VG ratio increases vapor production at the cost of flavor and throat hit. 120 Cream Pop has a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. This e-juice is high VG blend making it perfect for chucking huge plums through the air. If you’re into chasing clouds, this e-juice is perfect for you. It will leave behind a wonderful orange fragrance with every puff.

One of the best things about the Mad Hatter e-juice company is there packing. When a company goes beyond the expected standard its hard not to notice. 120 Cream Pop comes in a collectible box. Both the box and the bottle have the same cool design. Everything you need to about the product is on the label so, you’ll never be left wondering about the contents of what your vaping.

If you’re tired of having to search all of over the web to find premium e-liquids and other vaping product, visit Smokly and get everything you need all in one location.