Looking To Quit Smoking Tobacco? Get A Free Pack Of TAAT Zero Nicotine Cigarettes

In an age where the interest in tobacco cigarettes is on a steady decline, more and more smoking alternatives are being introduced into the market. The TAAT is one of such alternatives, but this time around the manufacturers took a different approach to achieving a perfect tobacco cigarette alternative.

Specs and Features

  • No Tobacco or Nicotine
  • Tastes Like a traditional tobacco cigarette
  • Contains 25mg of CBD
  • Less than 0.2 percent THC
  • Three distinct flavors are available

What You Get From The TAAT Cigarette

TAATs resemble cigarettes, however they are not the same as traditional tobacco cigarettes because they do not contain tobacco or nicotine. Even after you’ve lit it, you might be under the impression that it’s just another tobacco cigarette, which it isn’t. To do this, the firm developed the Beyond Tobacco recipe. They developed a smoking alternative that mimics the experiences of a real tobacco cigarette, including the cigarette sticks between your fingers, the physical sensations of inhaling and exhaling smoke, and, of course, a tobacco-like taste and odor.

Hemp’s potential is harnessed in the Beyond Nicotine recipe, but they did not just recreate another batch of hemp cigarettes. There’s no need to be concerned about the well-known cannabis high because TAATs contain up to 25mg of CBD and less than 0.2 percent THC, so you won’t experience it. This implies that not only is it legal, but it also means that smoking will not get you high.

Flavor Profiles

The TAAT Original, TAAT Smooth, and TAAT Menthol are the three nicotine-free cigarettes offered by TAAT, each with its own distinct flavor. Each taste is meant to provide customers with an identical representation of some of the most popular tobacco cigarette brands on the market, and they are all made in America from plant ingredients farmed by American farmers. Let’s have a look at each one now, without further ado:

  • TAAT Original: If you are looking for a pleasant nicotine-free cigarette but you enjoy flavors like the Marlboro Red, Winston, or American Spirit Blue cigarettes. This variant of the TAAT cigarettes delivers a strong and bold flavor that would leave your taste buds at the edge of their seats in excitement. Every inhale promises a unique smoking experience.
  • TAAT Menthol: Menthol on its own is already a popular flavor and the manufacturers harnessed the same to create a variant that also happens to be one of the most sought after. If you enjoy cigarettes like the Newport, Marlboro Menthol, and Kool, then this variant of the TAAT cigarettes is sure to give you a delicious treat. On each inhale, you are rewarded with a minty freshness that leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed.
  • TAAT Smooth: This variant of the TAAT cigarettes is made for smokers who like to lay back and enjoy a flavor experience simply rolling over their tongue as smoothly as possible. If you like cigarettes like Marlboro Gold, American Spirit Yellow, or Pall Mall Blue, then you’d have a good time with this.

Availability and Pricing

TAATs are sold in the same way that conventional cigarettes are. They are, in fact, available at convenience stores alongside regular tobacco cigarettes. They’re also supplied in packs of 20, which are comparable to the ones above. The TAAT emblem and a few other characteristics written on the pack distinguish a pack of TAATs from a typical tobacco cigarette. On the company’s website, https://trytaat.com, a pack of TAATs may be purchased for $6.99. They also sell a carton of ten packs for $59.99. For smokers who are unsure, the makers have a convenient choice. You can obtain a completely free pack on them. To do so, follow the steps below.

If you are on a desktop;

  • Text “FREEPACK” to 1-812-408-3315

If you are shopping on mobile;

  • You can visit their website
  • Create an account
  • Enter the promo code, and 
  • Enjoy your free pack of TAATs