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Humble Juice Co. Berry Blow Doe E-Liquid Review

Berry Blow Doe by Humble Juice Co. is another classic candy e-juice that will give you a healthy dose of nostalgia. This is not just like any other candy blends as it offers a unique twist. If you were fond of those bubblegum lollipops as a child, then Berry Blow Doe will blow you away. This e-juice has the flavor of a blueberry and raspberry lollipop bubblegum. Let us see if this sweet, subtle candy flavor is really all that it is hyped up to be.

“An explosion of taste that awakens childhood memories. This flavor is a mouthwatering, bubblegum lollipop infused with blueberry and raspberry flavoring. You’ll make a ‘popping’ statement carrying this juice with you. You’ll be a sucker without it!”

Berry lovers will definitely fall for the mouthwatering scent of mixed berries in this blend. Vaping it will give you a wonderful experience. Berry Blow Doe is a must-try for candy lovers. On the inhale, the blueberry and raspberry flavor come to life. What I love is how the two berry flavors do not clash with each other. They are perfectly combined so that one does not overpower the other. On the exhale, the bubble gum lollipop flavor reveals itself. This vape juice really leans on the sweet side, but it is not something that will easily overwhelm your taste buds. Some candy vape juices can be irritating on the throat, but this is not the case with Berry Blow Doe.

Cloud chasers will be glad to know that this vaping juice can give off immense clouds of vapor. The cloud are nice and fluffy, and they do not disappear right away. The aroma is lovely. Imagine a room filled with blueberry, raspberry, and bubblegum. That is how colorful this e-liquid is to the nostrils. Berry Blow Doe is a blend of 80% vegetable glycerin and 20% propylene glycol.

When we talk about throat hit, this baby is smooth. I have been vaping this for a week using my Aspire Cleito 0.4-ohm coil at 55 watts. Believe it or not, I did not experience any nose tingling sensations, fits of coughing, or any weirdness. You can vape this all day long without getting any harsh feeling in the throat.

There are three nicotine concentration levels available for this blend. It comes with 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. The 3 mg level has always been my go-to level ever since I started vaping. It has a slight nicotine kick, but the flavor is still full and spot-on. I did try the 6 mg level from my friend. The nicotine kick is stronger but still tolerable, which means you can still enjoy the flavor to the max. Meanwhile, the 0 mg version suits those who have no nicotine cravings at all or those who are trying to quit smoking.

I always remind newbies in my blogs to explore the different nicotine levels first before they settle on anything. While many tend to neglect it, nicotine level can actually make or break your vaping experience. You cannot just choose the same nic level as your friend uses as we all have different tolerance levels. Yeah, it will require some experimentation on your part, but that is totally worth it. So I hope you follow this advice. Trust me, been there, done that.

If you think a trial and error process is expensive, then Humble Juice will make it easier for you. You can get two of your favorite e-juice flavors (with different nicotine levels) for the price of one. This is so legit, all thanks to Humble’s BOGO Deals. Now, you have no excuses. A 120-mL bottle of Berry Blow Doe costs $24.99 only. With the BOGO deal, two 120-mL bottles of any e-juice cost $24.99 still.

Overall, the explosion of taste brought by Berry Blow Doe e-liquid really awakens some fun childhood memories. This all-day vape juice has an excellent vapor and great cloud production. It will please both flavor and cloud chasers for sure. The price is simply irresistible and friendly to the pocket. Where in this world can you ever find a high-quality, delicious e-juice at such a low price? You can share the deal with a friend or just get the two bottles for yourself. It’s up to you. Happy vaping!