Geek Vape’s Prebuild Alien Clapton Coils Review
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Geek Vape’s Prebuild Alien Clapton Coils Review

When using an RDA, vaping can be all shades of exciting, and it all boils down to your coils; the fancier the merrier in most cases. However, building them yourself can be all shades of time-consuming, labor-intensive, and frustrating. With Geek Vape’s prebuilt Alien Clapton Coils, you can say goodbye to the time-consuming hassle of configuring your own “fancy” wires. These exotic and performance-ready coils are easy to work with and so they provide the convenience of high-performance ready-built coils in a simple fix-me-up package excellent for vape enthusiasts looking for advanced style coil configurations to build with.

Geek vape has proven over and over again that their popularity in the vaping market is not simply out of chance. Products like the Aegis series of mods and the Zeus family of RTA’s have proven how much of top-notch engineering and design is put into each and every one of their products. Whatever way you prefer to vape, Geek vape has got something to wow your eyes and taste buds and still keep you soaring high in clouds of vapor.

These Alien Clapton Coils by Geek Vape feature a unique Kanthal A1 wire Clapton set-up created from 26 Gauge, 16 Gauge, and 30 Gauge winded with 5 wrap making up for a coil that is 12mm by 1.75mm. This increased texture and surface area of the coil in turn provides optimal flavor and vapor experience. These alien clapton coils have a resistance 0.5ohm +/- 0.05ohm.They have a good ramp up time with an even heat distribution.

The coils come in a small bag that contains two prebuilt coils as well as a piece of organic cotton. Each coil has long remaining wire for one more wrap if you desire. The Alien Clapton coils have an average lifespan of at least two weeks, which means you get to enjoy your vaping for a longer time. The pack of Alien Clapton coils is sold for as low as $4.29 on Atomic Dog Vapor. You can find it at a higher price on most other vape stores, especially your local “brick and mortar” stores since unlike your local vape stores, atomic dog vapor does not have to pay for staffing or rentals. So all that saving is passed on to you in the form of cheaper deals.

Installing The Alien Clapton Coil

First you need to carefully unscrew the posts on your RDA. Don’t unscrew them all the way so you are not at risk of losing them. With your screwdriver, position the two ends of the coils into post holes i.e. one positive and one negative. Check to make sure that the coil is positioned at the center of your RDA deck. Once you are done, gently tighten the screws back in place. Next, remove the screwdriver and trim off the protruding legs of the coil as close to the RDA posts as possible.Geek Vape’s Prebuild Alien Clapton Coils Review

Wicking Your Coil

Now that you have successfully installed your Alien Clapton coils, you need to be able to wick them properly. The Alien Clapton coils by Geek Vape come with cotton pads that you can use as the material for your wicking unless you prefer something else. Cotton is the most popular material used for wicking, and it is incredibly efficient as well. To begin wicking you should follow these steps:

  1. Stretch the cotton pad into a rope-like shape. To do this, you simply have to take a ball of cotton and pull on it until you have a small cotton rope. Let the rope be at least several inches in length. You can always cut off excesses later.
  2. Thread the cotton rope into the coil. To do this, you need to pitch one end of the cotton rope and thread it carefully through the coil. While doing this, you should note that the thickness of the cotton should be just enough to go through with a slight pull but not so thick to bend the coil out of shape. Also, if there is no resistance while pulling, it means your cotton is not as thick and so will not wick properly. This will result in a lot of dry hits. So make sure to get this right.
  3. Trim the loose end of the cotton just as you did when installing the Alien Clapton coils. While trimming, make sure to leave enough to fill the juice well of your RDA.Note that different RDA’s will require different fills, so you will have to experiment with this one.
  4. Tuck the cotton under your coil. Using a small scissors or plier, you need to tuck the ends of your cotton vape wick underneath the coil making sure that the ends are touching and that the cotton is not sticking out of the juice well of your RDA.

Geek Vape’s Prebuild Alien Clapton Coils ReviewOnce you are done, you can add your favorite ejuice to your successfully mounted and wicked dripping coil. What follows is a mind-blowing vape sensation filled flavor intensity and optimum vapor production courtesy of Geek vape’s Alien Clapton coil. Since these coils are so cheap at the Atomic Dog Vapor, your RDA sessions are bound to never end.

You also do not have to worry about delayed delivery when you buy from Atomic Dog Vapor.  If your order gets in by noon, it is shipped the same day, usually with priority 2-3-day mail. In terms of delivery, you can say that Atomic Dog Vapor is bound to get your coils to you as fast as Amazon.