Does your vape juice taste harsh?

In case you just started vaping and still have to refine your ideal equipment and combination of e-liquids, you may encounter what’s known as ‘harsh juice.’ This is best described as your vapor sensation causing a serious hit in the throat. In today’s article, we take a look at some practices that could easily lead you to produce harsh juice. By avoiding them you are going to enjoy your vape juice better and also helps you know How to make vape juice the right way.


Leaving your vape bottle open for extended periods can easily lead to flavor loss in your juice. But then again if you want to breathe the e-liquid then it is necessary to leave the cap off the e-liquid to reduce the taste of freshness. If you do it for too long, though, what inevitably happens is that the e-liquid starts to oxidize and break down, allowing many of the flavor particles to escape into the open air, resulting in an unpleasant product that is somewhat flavorless.

High levels of nicotine

When you’re new to vaping you may be tempted to accept the possibility that your levels of nicotine may be a little high. When you start vaping, just to get used to the procedure, opt for a 3 mg vape, or even a 0 mg. You can then order one more appropriate one, or live the way you are. You can get up to 18 mg in high PG e-juices but it is best to start low and see how it feels to you. If you’ve been a heavy smoker and enjoy high nicotine, but haven’t been hit by the harsh throat, you might opt for nice salts. Nic salts on the throat are smoother though still high in nicotine. It is appropriate to use nic salt e-juices in pod devices.

Throat hit

E-liquids with higher PG are normally struck by sharper throat hits. The feeling at the back of the throat is better in e-liquids that have more PG than VG, but it depends of course on the strength of the nicotine you select. Take for example any two regular e-cig batteries, when one pushes out more power (amps/current) than the other, you’ll find that you’re getting a stronger throat hit with the battery pushing out more power.

Adjust your airflow

Most e-cigarettes now allow you to change the device’s airflow to help monitor how much vapor the device creates. Although a helpful function, keeping too much of the airflow closed could mean that you inhale a more concentrated vapor that could cause a serious impact. Consider opening up some of your airflows to see if that will help. It’s all about creating the experience you are looking for when you vape and find out which liquid and vaping devices work best for your needs. Making the changes that we have noted above will help boost your vaping day today.

There are so many reasons you might experience a harsh taste. The use of the best e-liquids plays an important part in the taste. If you use the right ingredients, making your e-juice is safe and easy. Hence I use Flavorah for all my vape juices. I have been vaping for years now and Flavorah has never disappointed me in any way. They have a host of flavors to choose from and are noted for the quality of ingredients they use in production.