Creating Immense Clouds of Vapor With Your Device

Cloud chasing is an art. It probably started as a past time among some vapers who were thrilled by the clouds of vapor they could produce. Just a few years ago, cloud chasing was only practiced by vaping enthusiasts. Today, it is also practiced as a sport. There are competitions around the world where vapers can win thousands of dollars for showing off their cloud chasing skills.

For cloud chasing, you need a vaping device that is designed to create huge clouds. Veteran cloud chasers build their coils. If you’re seeking the best mod for cloud chasing, you will not have to struggle to find it because there are so many options on the market today.

Creating Your Own Build

As indicated above, experienced cloud chasers create their coil builds. These include single coil builds, dual parallel builds, and macro coil builds among others. There are many other coil builds, but these are some of the best for cloud production.

Coil building is not very complicated, and there are a lot of tutorials online with easy steps to follow. It does, however, require some basic knowledge. You can build coils for flavors or for clouds. Generally, six elements are essential for very good cloud production.

  • A very good battery.
  • Airflow – Too much airflow can disperse vapor, and too little airflow will not produce much vapor.
  • E-liquid – A MAX VG e-liquid is best for cloud production. Vegetable glycerin is known for producing clouds.
  • The Mod – Newer regulated mods are much better for cloud production.
  • Wicking – It is essential to use the correct material for wicking. Most cloud chasers go for organic Japanese cotton.
  • Coil Build – There are many types of coil builds that will give you immense clouds.

Vaping Devices for Great Clouds

You will find some of the best devices for producing incredible clouds of vapor at slimsejuice.com. These are some of the best vape devices for cloud chasers.

  • The Smok Alien – This mod can produce up to 220W of power and comes with temperature control setting. It also comes with a tank that is designed for producing huge clouds.
  • The VaporFi V-Grip 75 TC Mod – It comes with a powerful 18650 mAh battery that provides enough power to keep any cloud chaser smiling. The mod is equipped with temperature control, TCR functionality, and a bypass mode for direct output.
  • The Innokin iSub Apex Tank – Innokin is behind some of the best vaping devices on the market. The iSub Apex is a sub ohm tank that has a top filling mechanism and an easy swapping coil system.
  • The Sigelei Fuchai Glo 230W TC Mod – This is a versatile high-quality mod. The impressive 230W kicks enough power to give you massive clouds.


For fantastic cloud production, some elements must be taken into account when choosing a device. For a start, you must choose a mod according to your preferences in terms of ease of use and design.

Consideration must be given to the battery. High-powered mods provide one of the best solutions for cloud chasing. A particular trick among cloud chasers is not to use a drip tip. This allows for more vapor to be inhaled. Cloud chasers also use 24g wire for their builds.

You can have fun blowing huge clouds and performing different clouds tricks in your home, or you can take cloud chasing seriously and enter competitions to win prizes. Professional cloud chasers know all the bolts and nuts of creating massive clouds. They can make some very complex builds. Just in case you’re interested, here are some cloud chasing competitions:

  • The International Cloud Championships in Southern California.
  • The World Series of Vaping.
  • Many other cloud chasing competitions are held in various countries throughout the year.

On this note, it is important to state that most devices used for chasing clouds are modified. You need to have adequate knowledge especially if you want to make your build.