CBDfx CBD Vape Oil Review

Vaping CBD oil is one of the most common ways to use CBD today. This is because CBD takes a longer time to enter the bloodstream when consumed any other way. Moreover, it is more effective than standard CBD oil drops, which need to be metabolized in the digestive system. Most vapers also claim that vaping CBD oil produces a faster and more efficient result. There are a lot of CBD vape oil brands on the market today, but the one that I recommend is CBDfx.

But before we delve deeper into CBDfx vape oil, you need to understand what CBD oil is. For those who are new to this, CBD oil is the concentrated form of Cannabidiol. The oil is heated and inhaled via an e-cigarette, vape pen, or vaporizer. CBD vape oil is made from all-natural hemp plants that contain active CBD components. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD oil does not have any psychotropic effects. In simpler terms, this oil will not make you get ‘high.’

Why choose CBDFx Vape Oil?

With all the different CBD brands in the market, why CBDfx? This company claims that the active ingredient in its CBDfx oil is “extracted from the highest quality EU sourced hemp plants on the market.” The plants undergo CO2 extraction in its cGMP-certified, pharmaceutical grade facility. Its vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio has been optimized for vaping. Now, all you have to do is simply add this oil to your favorite e-liquid, and you are good to go. And hey! You know the drill, shake the bottle before you open it.

Different Concentrations

Before you buy CBD oil, here is one thing you should consider — its concentration. CBDfx vape oil is available in four concentration levels. It comes with 60 mg, 120 mg, 300 mg or 500 mg of CBD concentration.

The 60 mg has the lowest CBD concentration and is the cheapest of them all. A single 10 mL bottle of this oil only costs $19.99 at It is a good starter kit for first timers as the intensity is mild and the flavor is subtle. This tastes great when combined with menthol or a nice citrusy vape juice.

The 120 mg concentration version contains 120 mg of pure cannabidiol. With higher concentration comes a more distinct taste. You will start to get that leafy or green taste from this level. It takes some getting used to. But mixing it with your favorite e-juice somehow helps.

The 300 mg level is recommended for experienced vapers. At this level, the earthy flavor is more pronounced and potent. However, it can be subdued when paired with any vape juice with a menthol or tobacco flavor. Choosing mouth-to-lung tanks over drippers or sub-ohm tanks is recommended.

Lastly, the 500 mg gives full spectrum CBD. Since it is highly concentrated, this already contains lots of terpenes and amino acids. As expected, this level is very intense. It is best to vape this oil with mouth-to-lung tanks and low output vaporizers.

Flavor / Taste

You may already know that mixing CBDFx oil can alter the flavor. The aftertaste is almost similar to the smell of used coffee beans. A friend of mine says she can taste an earthy kind of flavor from it. With that said, the aftertaste varies from person to person. But I think, with the right e-liquid flavor, the taste can be tolerable.

One more thing, you need to pick the highest strength that you are comfortable with. This will enable you to use lesser oil, and the taste won’t be altered.


Finding the right CBD oil level requires a little experimentation. Once you figure that out, your vaping session will be smooth sailing.


All four concentration levels of CBDfx oil are available in 10-mL bottles. Their retail prices are $19.99, $34.99, $59.99, and $74.99 respectively.

To use this product, just use half or one full dropper of CBDfx vape oil into your tank of e-liquid. Visit and check out the range of CBD products at this store. You can choose from tinctures, capsules, gummies, wax, chill shots, and more.