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7 Weird E-Juice Flavors That You Will Surely Enjoy

There are so many e-juice flavors that it is almost certain that there is something for every vaper regardless of your preference. We’ve assembled a list of some of the oddest and delicious e-juice flavors available on the market today. Prepare your palettes, and get ready to embark on a tasteful journey!

The Elvis by Firebrand

If you want an e-juice with the flavor of bananas, bacon and a nutty spread try Firebrand’s The Elvis. This is perhaps not as exciting as Elvis, but it is weird, nonetheless.

This is a scrumptious e-juice with only a dash of sweet. It is hot and unusual, much like Elvis.

Stoned Smurf by Alien Vapor

Stoned Smurf will give you a trippy flavor.

It is a blend of blue raspberry and marijuana flavor. The outcome is a sweet, tart, weedy e-juice.

Malibu by Halo

Think of a beach party with velvety Pina Coladas. How about enjoying this flavor in a vape juice. Well, how does that sound?

This e-juice may not be as unique as The Elvis, but any e-liquid that gives you the feeling of chilling at a beach is marvelous.

Not-Cho Cheese Fauxritos by Apollo

This e-juice from Apollo gives you that salty, gooey chip flavor, dunked in a bowl of scrumptiousness.

This is a must-try for chip lovers!

Fruity Fun Cereal by Southbeach Smoke

Breakfast is an essential meal, so what better way to start your day than with an e-liquid that has the taste of an oat cereal?

You could have this e-juice in the morning to complete your breakfast treat, or you can vape it at any time of the day to satisfy your taste buds.

Like a bowl of the fruity cereal, you get different fruit flavors when vaping this e-liquid. There is a bit of cherry, lemon, and other flavors. There is also a dash of graham crackers in the blend which shows up at the tail end of the exhale.

German Chocolate Beefcake by Mt. Bread cook Vapor

With a name like “German Chocolate Beefcake,” you know that you’ve just entered the peculiar zone. Chocoholics will enjoy this e-liquid. It also contains caramel flavor.

But what makes this vape flavor unique is the taste of… not meat, as you may think…coconut!

This e-juice turned out to be quite surprising and nice. You may think that it will give you the amazing taste of meat, but you will not be disappointed by what you get. This e-juice is perfect if you want to give someone a gift just to annoy them.

Bubblegum by 777 E-Cigs

You know how at times you need that poppy bubblegum flavor without all the biting and chewing? Well, here you go!

Well, back in the day when I was in school, bubblegums were very special. It fills your mouth with a sweet flavor. This e-juice will give you a wonderful vaping experience.

Well, these were some of the most outstanding e-juice flavors you will ever try. Through the history of vaping, e-juice have evolved. There are many fantastic e-liquids on the market today. Whether you want something usual or weird, there is something for you.