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5 Crazy E-Juice Flavors From Slim’s E-Juice

You will find all type of vape juice flavors on the market today. In fact, you can get confounded with the many choices. E-juice flavors vary from dessert, fruity, candy, tobacco to menthol flavor.

In the early years of the vaping industry, the most popular e-liquids flavors were tobacco, spearmint, and menthol. These were the only choices available. There were also the basic fruity e-liquid flavors such as watermelon and cherry.

Over time, companies started experimenting with different flavors. Today, there are all types of e-liquid flavors from chocolate vapes to anything you can think of. It is almost guaranteed that there is an e-liquid for you on the market regardless of your flavor preference.

In this post, we’ll be looking at some of the craziest e-liquid recipes out there.

  1. Absinthe E-Juice

Okay, this e-juice is not going to get you intoxicated like the legendary absinthe drink. However, Absinthe is indeed a unique e-juice flavor. If you are into anise, licorice or fennel flavor, then this is the best e-juice for you. Naturally, if you have a thing for the real absinthe drink, you will love this e-juice. Who knows, it may just awaken your inner Van Gogh creatively. You can get this Absinthe e-juice at the Slim’s E-Juice online store.

  1. Brown Sugar

This e-liquid sounds sweet, and yes, Slim’s E-Juice Brown Sugar is just what you expect. You can taste the genuine brown sugar flavor from this vape liquid. It is not overly sweet.

This e-liquid is perfect for adding to a blend when you want to improve its sweetness. Vaping it is satisfying.

  1. Buttery Nipple

Buttery Nipple is an e-liquid from Slim’s E-Juice tastes just as interesting as its name. You can taste butterscotch and Irish cream flavor when vaping this e-juice. This is the perfect e-liquid to enjoy after a heavy meal. Vaping Buttery Nipple feels just like enjoying a blend of butterscotch and Irish cream. The flavor will spark up your taste buds.

This is one of my favorite dessert e-juices from Slim’s E-Juice. You have to try it to appreciate the flavor.

  1. Apple Dragon Cream

Although it seems unusual, yes, an Apple Dragon Cream e-juice does exist. It is a blend of dragonfruit, green apple, caramel, vanilla custard, Bavarian cream, and sweet cream. When you taste this vape juice, you will find it hard to resist vaping it. You will be blown away by the creamy and fruity taste of this e-juice. Apple Dragon Cream will surely tantalize your taste buds.

This e-liquid tastes very rich. You will not pick up any weird flavor from it.

  1. Geeks E-Juice

There are a lot of candy vape juices on the market, but Geeks is one of the best. This is a blend of strawberry, raspberry, sweetener, and lemon flavor. You can taste all the ingredients coming in this e-juice with every puff. The sweetness level is not too intense so you will not get tired of it. It is a must-try for everyone who loves fruity vapes.

This candy e-liquid will have you coming for more.

There is no doubt that you will find an e-juice flavor that suits you at the Slim’s E-Juice online store.

When you check out the Slim’s E-Juice online store, it is easy to find any e-juice flavor that you want because everything is well organized. The chances are that you will find more than one e-juice flavor that will meet your demands.

There are candy e-liquids, fruity e-liquids, dessert e-liquids, and so many more. Slim’s E-Juice has a lot of unique e-liquid flavors in its collection.